School Training

CheerVille is here to support and improve coaching for your high school cheerleading team. Our experienced coaches understand the intricacies of coaching school teams and are committed to helping you succeed in competitions. We recognize that coaching at a school requires time and careful planning. Our goal is to ease coaches’ daily stress and ensure every athlete has a memorable experience.

Cheer Team Tryout Assistance

Does your school need assistance with cheer team tryouts? We offer tryout assistance to help set the stage for an awesome cheerleading season.

For two days, your team will receive expert instruction covering cheer, dance, and music, ensuring they are well-prepared for tryouts. On the third day, we go the extra mile by scheduling three experienced judges to evaluate your athletes. We provide a user-friendly score sheet for the evaluation, and the best part is, that you have the flexibility to make adjustments to align it perfectly with your specific requirements.

Weekly Cheerleading Training

Does your school need weekly training from our experienced coaches? Our flexible weekly training program allows you to choose between one to four hours per week, catering to your school’s specific needs. You have the option to schedule the training at one of our well-equipped facilities or have one of our experienced coaches travel to your school for convenience. Our instructors will work on tumbling, building skills, jump technique, and routine choreography to elevate your cheer team’s success.

Lead your cheer team to success

Level up your school’s cheerleading with CheerVille’s awesome training. We’re the experts for high school cheerleading in football, basketball, and cheer competitions. Our coaches customize their training to fit your cheer team’s needs, making sure they’re ready to shine. Join us and let’s cheer our way to the top!

Cheer Camps & Choreography

Explore our diverse range of camps and clinics tailored to prepare your athletes for competitions and games. We offer comprehensive programs, including competition choreography for renowned organizations such as UCA and NCA, along with expertly crafted music routines. T. These camps can be held at one of our CheerVille facilities or at your school. Whether it’s all-star cheer, national championships, or specific skill clinics, we’ve got the perfect training solution for your school.

Multi-Camp Discount

If you book 2 camps you will receive a 10% discount on your second camp. If you book 3 camps you will receive a 15% discount on your second and third camps. The discounts are applied to the camps of lesser value. Contact to apply the discount to your next booking.

Cheerleading Championships

We’re proud to participate in high school cheerleading championships across the United States. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond local competitions, showcasing our dedication to elevating the standard of high school cheerleading on a national level.

National High School Cheerleading Championship (Orlando, FL)

For all teams attending the National High School Cheerleading Championship In Orlando, FL, there will be an additional charge of $25 on each athlete’s CheerVille account due January 1st with their regular tuition. This cost will cover your CheerVille coaches’ registration, travel, and lodging. Contact your CheerVille location or email for more information.