Private Lessons

Private Tumbling & Cheer Lessons at CheerVille

Ready to take your child’s cheerleading skills to the next level? Enroll them in our private tumbling and cheer lessons! These personalized sessions provide one-on-one coaching, detailed feedback, and focused training on specific skills. Our program employs a range of drills to deconstruct each skill. For instance, to achieve a perfect back handspring, our instructors utilize speed, power, and shaping exercises to ensure proper technique.

To secure your spot, a reservation fee of $10-$15 can be paid online. The remaining balance is settled directly with the coach on the day of the private lesson. We offer both 30-minute and 60-minute sessions, providing flexibility to accommodate your schedule.

Why Enroll in Private Lessons?

Enrolling in private cheer lessons at CheerVille offers numerous benefits for your cheerleader. If your child feels anxious about training with a group or simply wants to go above and beyond to enhance their cheer skills, private lessons are the perfect solution.

Our top-notch cheerleading instruction guarantees tangible results. These one-on-one sessions not only improve fitness but also empower your child to excel in their cheerleading journey. No matter your child’s specific goals, CheerVille is here to help. Start today and witness fast and noticeable results in your athlete!

Benefits of private cheer and tumbling lessons:

  • Personalized workouts
  • Improved fitness
  • Preparation for cheer competitions
  • Tailored coaching, tips, and feedback
  • Enhanced confidence and skill development
  • Flexible scheduling options