CheerVille is the ultimate cheer gym dedicated to youth athletic development in Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Ohio. Our tailored programs, spanning from 18 months to 18 years, are designed to boost skills and success for young athletes to thrive. We’re more than just a sports facility; we’re a family!


For nearly a decade, CheerVille has been a beacon for athletes seeking to embrace the joy of cheerleading. With a commitment to excellence, our certified coaches empower each team by emphasizing the vital connection between effort and achievement. Whether it’s training aspiring athletes or molding All-Star champions, we take pride in instilling core values of integrity, excellence, and respect. Our athletes embrace “Do It Better,” striving to be great teammates and successful individuals in all aspects of life.

quality cheer training for young athletes

CheerVille goes beyond being just a cheer gym; we are a dedicated industry leader in youth development, providing an inclusive environment for children from diverse backgrounds to flourish and succeed. We firmly believe that the impact we make within the realm of cheerleading empowers young individuals to take pride in their hard work and fosters a passion for contributing to something greater than themselves. Our mission is to continue leading our athletes on a path of success, nurturing them into the future leaders of tomorrow.

With this in mind, we are proud to be part of the National Cheerleaders Association (NCA), a renowned organization dedicated to the advancement and promotion of cheerleading. Our affiliation allows us to contribute to the cheerleading community, participate in NCA events, and align with their commitment to excellence. Together with the NCA, we’re dedicated to fostering the skill development and sportsmanship of our athletes.


Interested in becoming a CheerVille coach? We’re actively seeking qualified individuals to join our staff. We have openings for coaches with experience in UCA high school competitive cheer and tumbling class instruction. At CheerVille, we offer fantastic benefits for both full and part-time salary employees, including 5-6 weeks of paid vacation, a complimentary DoorDash Dash Pass, free parking at The Parking Spot for leisure travel, health insurance, and more!

Take the next step in your coaching journey and apply for the CheerVille team. Email your resumé and completed application to hr@cheerville.com for further review!