We offer high quality tumble instruction for every athlete. Whether you are wanting to learn how to tumble, prepare for school tryouts, or perfect your skills for your school or all-star teams, we have the class for you!

Tumbling starts at age 3 with our Tiny Tumble class. This class is for very beginner athletes who need more one on one attention to help them pay attention in class. This class can go up to age 6.

Level 1 classes will work on skills such as cartwheels, roundoffs, brige kickovers, front walkovers, and back walkovers. Once your athlete can perform these skills with great technique they are ready to move up to level 2!

In Level 2 tumbling classes, athletes will work on back handsprings, series of back handsprings, and front walkover to series back handspirngs. When the coach feels like your athlete is ready to move on to tucks, because their handpsrings are perfromed with good technique, then they are ready for level 3.

Level 3 classes will focus on tucks and specialty passes through to tucks. Once all the level 3 skills are performed with proper technique, your athlete will be allowed to move up to levels 4/5.  This class will work on layouts, standing tucks, fulls, and doubles.

Our tumble classes are separated by skill, not age, with the exception of the Tiny Tumble for ages 3-6 years old. If you have an athlete with strong basic skills and can follow the instructors directions, then they will automatically be moved out of Tiny Tumble into a level 1 class, regardless of age.

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