We are your perfect location for birthday parties – actually three perfect locations! Our  Hendersonville, and Mt Juliet gyms offer birthday party packages. We now offer online booking for birthday parties! Our parties are $150 with no minimum on guests. See below for photos and pricing details. You can add-on an instructor to teach a special birthday cheer routine to the guests for $50 or $20 for a custom CheerVille birthday girl bow! CheerVille can also provide table clothes, plates, napkins, forks, and water bottles for up to 25 guests for $30. Contact your gym location below, or click the link below to book your party online!




Mt Juliet
birthday pic

$150.00 – CheerVille Party Package

We provide an instructor to oversee that your guests will follow all policies while in the building. They will also be there to help you with set up, and break down. Don’t worry about cleaning up the mess afterwards. That’s what our instructor will do at the end of the party!

We provide a bounce house for every party.

We provide your invitations, and parting gifts for all of your guests!

brithday group stunts

$50 – Party Add-on

Instructor to teach a special routine with custom birthday music mix.  This is in addition to the $150 basic party package.


Nerf gun party!  How could you have any more fun than a party, in a large gym, with mats as forts, and a load of Nerf guns, and buckets of ammo? Your kids will have a blast! Add this package to the basic party package.